Building Italeri's 155mm M1 Howitzer
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Pictures from the Technical Manual

These images from the 1943 Technical Manual (TM 9-9-331) will help you correct major problems and detail the howitzer. Click on each thumbnail for a larger view.

air brake Air brakes
air filter Air filter
ammo tray (mounting on shield was post WWII practice) Tray on shield (postwar)
ammo tray in use Ammo tray in use
elevation mechanism Elevation mechanism
equilibrator Equilibrator
firing jack Firing jack 1
  Firing jack 2
  Firing jack 3
  Firing jack 4
telescope Telescope
trail lock Trail lock
upper carriage Upper carriage

Background on the 155mm Howitzer
Overview of the Model and References
Building the Howitzer Assembly
Building the Carriage Assembly
Painting and Accessories
Pictures from the Technical Manual
155mm Ammunition
Pictures of Museum 155mm Howitzer

Diorama: "Mail Call for the Sons of Thor"


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