Track Usage In the Fifth Army, 1944
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Tracks for Medium Tanks

T41: Reversible rubber blocks first designated in July 1941. These used a 1-1/8 diameter inch track pin and C55596 end connectors. All other medium tank tracks used 1-1/4 diameter pins and C55592 or C100887 end connectors. Also shown is the D48082 grouser that fit over the joint between two blocks.

T48: Rubber chevron tracks designated January 1942.

T49: All-steel blocks from January 1942.

T51: A non-reversible rubber block that had a thicker pad on the road side. This gave more cushioning for heavier weights while not affecting the suspension layout as thicker pads on the wheel side would. "L" indicates the C84981 grouser which could also be used with the T48 track. This track was designated at the same time as the T48.

T54E1: A fabricated all-steel block designated April 1942.

Tracks for Light Tanks

Tracks for Medium Tanks
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