U.S. GIs / Overcoats Warming by Fire
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

YANKS Miniatures

With the new release of "warming GI's" from Custom Dioramics, I dug out my old trio of YANKS Miniatures figures, also sculpted by Bill Chilstrom. YANKS produced several sets of winter figures, and I liked these guys because they really do look cold. Standing around a fire in an old fuel drum, wearing the wool melton overcoats, one has his hands stuffed into his pockets, another has his arms outstretched over the fire, and the third has his arms across his chest, his hands tucked into the openings of the coat sleeves. All three wear web suspenders and pouches for Garand ammo, and black rubber overshoes.

As noted in my review of the CD set, Chilstrom's sculpting has become more refined over the years since he created this set. The bottom length of the coats are sculpted as though the wind was blowing them, consequently it's important to make sure the coats are all blowing in the same direction! The folds of the coats in his CD set are more supple.

These boys are a little bit larger both in height and girth, but quite acceptable mixed with other figures. The helmets are on the larger side, however, so that is a consideration with groupings. The faces are adequate, not possessing as much character as others you can find.

Still, this is a fine set and if you can no longer find it, at least now you've got the "second generation" from Custom Dioramics.




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