Standing U.S. GI
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Mustang Productions


While originally advertised as a tank rider, this man could be standing on the ground almost anywhere, which the latest version from Mustang suggests. While the YANKS box art shows the coat painted OD like an M1943 jacket, the absense of pockets and shorter length gives it a stronger resemblence to the M1941 jacket, and I'd be inclined to paint it a khaki drab color, as Mustang has. Nice features include the bandoliers strung across his chest and a gas mask bag at his side.

He has no other apparel that is winter specific such as mittens, gloves or toque, so you can use him in an autumn or spring setting as well. Again with this line of figures, you'll have to provide the soldier with an M1 Garand, canteen, and shovel.

Sculpting by Dave Bighia is well done, as is the casting. The only significant improvement the modeler may wish to make is the way the head sits on the figure; the receiving hole in the torso should be drilled a bit deeper for a smarter looking fit.

This figure has a variety of uses and should prove popular.



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