U.S. Tank Rider #2
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Mustang Productions


This figure is very similar in style and quality as its predecessor. It just has four parts, the body, head, and two feet. Again clad in a melton coat, this GI has a bedroll attached to his back with no visible means of support; you'll want to add a bit of fine thread over his shoulder and under his arm to give it a more real look. The backside of the right arm is molded to accept a Garand, which you'll have to provide from your spares. The head is nicely sculpted with a woolen toque covering much of the face and the helmet camouflaged with a white sheet.

There's a bit of a pour plug to carve off, and that's complicated by the concave shape of the butt-side of this figure, which allows him to sit more convincingly on a tank turret.




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