U.S. Tanker with Machine Gun
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

And sure enough, this is a U.S. tanker with a .30 Browning. The only thing that denotes him as an armored soldier is the tanker's helmet. You could easily put an M1 steel pot in his hand and he's armored infantry. Brian Stewart is the sculptor and he's rendered this fellow in the winter combat jacket with the ribbed collar and cuffs. Off his belt hangs a .45, bandage pouch, and the bottom of his .45 ammo pouch peeks out from under the jacket.

There's a bit of thin flash to remove from the figure's parts and the MG. Be careful when removing the MG from the carrier; the underside of the front edge of the receiver includes the pintle for the M2 tripod. Note the circular base under that front edge, and separate the part a bit down the carrier so you preserve what The American Arsenal describes as a "tapered pintle."

Fortuntately for those looking at conversion possibilities, the right hand is not cast onto the barrel of the MG. That gives you the option to rummage around through the spares box for a rifle to slip in place, more logically a .30 carbine for a vehicle crew member.

While not the most inspiring pose, this is a good figure that won't steal too much focus from the AFV it crews.



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