WWII Combat Cameraman
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

WWII combat cameramen—where would we modelers be without them? Whether working for the Signal Corps or the news services, these brave men and women recorded what they saw, from the tedium to the horror.

Warriors gave them a salute with this six-piece figure. When you attach the two arms to the body, you have to be mindful of positioning the camera that is attached to the two hands. The head and helmet are separate parts to help accomodate having the camera right up to the photographer's eye. The camera itself is a generic 8mm movie camera.

The GI wears a standard shirt you can paint as the tan cotton khaki style for summer, or as the OD flannel style for cooler weather.

Construction is simple. A couple large bubbles on a corner of the camera and the molded-on canteen mar an otherwise flawless casting.

Kudos to Bill Chillstrom for remembering these neglected witnesses to history.




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