Wounded Marine on Stretcher
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

This is, with the exception of a new head, the same body on a litter that is featured in "WWII USMC Stretcher Team." It's too bad that Warriors did not offer a new sculpting that would complement the latter set, since it will not be very realistic to include both the same figures in one diorama.

There are some minor differences between the two casualties. In the stretcher team set, the figure's head and left foot are separate items, but in this set the body is all one piece. The new bandaged head is similar to the old. Because it is molded to the body and litter, it doesn't have the definition under the neck and head that the previous arrangement had. It appears the mold is getting old, too, as there were some significant blobs of resin near the feet and the head. Otherwise, the casting is good Warriors quality.

One improvement over the stretcher team kit is that there are now locating holes for the included handholds that need to be attached. Again missing from the previous kit, however, are the metal footrests that hold the litter up off the ground.

On its own, this is a decent offering, but it could be argued that it could have more value if it was an original piece.

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