Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


This is a simple set of one half figure and two busts to populate the open hatches on your Marine Sherman or Stuart. They wear the Pattern 41 Herringbone Twill utilities and standard tank helmet.

Heads are separate, as is the right arm on the tank commander as he communicates on the tank radio. There is no hand or throat microphone included in the set, so you'll have to use one supplied by a tank accessory set or fashion your own.

Bill Chilstrom's sculpting is well defined, and each of the three faces is unique. There is no cleanup other than removing the pieces from the mold plugs.

The curious aspect of this set is the box art, which shows hatches with white paint on the interior side. Any experienced U.S. armor modeler knows this is a no-no, so it's puzzling where the builder of the tank hosting the figures found his inspiration for such an unusual color choice.

This review sample was provided by VLS, so I didn't need to shell out $19.00 for this very meager set. Personally, I feel these partial figure crew sets are priced quite high compared to the value offered in other kits of full sized pairs of figures that sell for the same price and typically include additional gear. Certainly in such a tank crew as this, the sculpting and casting is simpler and less resin is used. It would be nice to see these figures offered at a price point that is not nearly four-fifths of the price of the armor kit in which they will be used.



Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter