U.S. Infantryman Europe 1943-45
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

This figure's torso is a repop of the U.S. Infantryman 1943-45 sculpted by Brian Stewart somea number of years before. Which disappointed me when I discovered that as I'd thought about pairing the two together!

The MkII version now comes with new limbs to hold the shouldered Garand and a helmet that appears to be a liner without the steel pot. The surface of this helmet is smooth, not textured as the one in Stewart's original kit.

Another new feature is the haversack molded onto the figure's back. The other parts to add are the standard canteen and bandage pouch.

One could suspect that since no sculptor's name is on this new version, Stewart had nothing to do with it. However, with the exception of the helmet, it's a good reworking and gives a fine depiction of an infantryman taking a moment's pause.



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