G.I. Walking with Jerry Can
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

Anders Heintz brings a bit of something new to his sculpting of this soldier toting a full can of gasoline. The figure appears to be dressed in the "jacket, field, lined, ETO (second pattern)," aka the "Ike" jacket, which began to be issued in March 1944. This jacket is noted by it's distinctive waist band and shoulder straps; otherwise, it looks the same as the cotton khaki shirt that was part of the summer service uniform. If you want to go that route, just remove the straps with your hobby knife.

The trousers are non-descript, but do have the distinction of not being tucked into some sort of legging. This enables the figure to be used in a variety of times and settings, particularly if the modification is made to establish the khaki shirt.

Extras are limited to a canteen and the jerry can, to which the left hand is molded. Heintz captures the look of someone carrying a heavy object, pulling the left shoulder down and having the right arm outstretched to maintain balance.

There's a bit of light flash and minor seams along the inner legs. This is a simple but well done figure that should complement any number of AFVs.



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