U.S. Paratrooper with M.G.
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

This is the "third generation" Warriors paratrooper, with new arms and head for the same walking body. The wounded leg from #35257 has been neatly puttied over, and instead of carrying a pouch of spare Tommy gun ammo on his hip, he now has binoculars hanging from a sling. He carries a .30 M1917A1 Browning machine gun and can of ammo. The head is different from previous incarnations.

The sculpting, again by Brian Stewart, is fine, and the pieces are neatly cast. The box art painting shows the uniform a bit greener in color than is typical for the M1942 uniform. One would be better using the illustration from #35257 or DML's figures as a color reference. He stands under 6' tall.

It would be nice if Warriors, who released two original paratroopers shortly before this clone, would give this fellow a newly-sculpted partner, carrying a couple more cans of ammo and a tripod for the gun. I don't understand why none of the companies who have created GI's toting the .30 cal (including Warriors, Verlinden, and Custom Dioramics) have recognized the fact that these boys typically worked in teams - one carried the MG, one carried the tripod, and a third carried extra ammo.



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