U.S. 101st BAR Gunner
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

This airborne figure was first included in the vignette "Normandy" (35435). Leaning on his BAR, he's a versatile figure that can be used in a number of different casual Normandy settings.

Sculptor Tony Williams has done a superb job with this figure. His folded arms are cleverly cast as one piece for ease of construction. Attention to detail is excellent even though all gear, with the exception of the M1943 entrenching tool, is molded onto the figure. There are some slight mold seams on the legs, and a bit of excess resin in the crotch to be removed,
but otherwise it's a nice, clean cast.

It's nice to see Warriors joining the recent crop of airborne figures from Nemrod and Verlinden. Let's hope they keep Mr. Williams quite busy with more Screaming Eagles and All Americans.



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