U.S. Paratrooper, Kneeling
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

Originally released as part of the vignette "Normandy" (#35435), this paratrooper's pose is rather rare among GI figures. He's down on both knees, as opposed to having one leg raised. It's a nice change, and this figurewould work well alongside other kneeling airborne soldiers from Nemrod and DML. (For the record, there is another paratrooper down on both knees - the surrendering GI in Jaguar's "Screaming Eagle and German Captor" set.)

This paratrooper is outfitted with a full load, including the M1936 musette bag, two bandoliers of ammo for his M1 Garand, the M1 bayonet, an M1943 entrenching tool, canteen, and first aid pouch. He also sports the first aid roll on the camouflaged mesh on his helmet, a practice done by some (but not all) paratroopers who landed in Normandy.

Tony Williams, a sculptor new to me, has done an excellent job capturing the special features of the M1942 airborne jump uniform. You can see the laces lashed around the large expansion pockets on the figure's thighs. All equipment is molded onto the figure, and the hands are molded onto the Garand. You don't have the opportunity to "mix and match" gear to create two distinctive figures with this pose, but that's a small quibble that likely pertains only to anyone contemplating a heavily populated diorama (i.e., me). The face has a rather placid look; if you need someone snarling or shouting, you'll have to pick up a spare head from Hornet.

Mr. Williams has made a strong contribution to the growing contingent of U.S. airborne figures. Let's hope his association with Warriors is long and fruitful for us GI fans.



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