U.S. Tanker with Bazooka
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

This joe certainly has a take-charge attitude, firmly planted on terra firma and cradling a bazooka while pointing with two figures. Warriors suggests him as a tanker, but you could certainly use him with an M20 armored car, which, to my knowledge, was the only U.S. AFV that had the M9A1 rocket launcher as standard equipment. The bazooka provided here is its prdecessor, the M1A1 with the wooden stock, introduced in August 1943.

As this bazooka is cast—integrated into the arm—it has a bit of warp that I'll have to address with some boiling water. After that point, I'll be able to add the ring that completes the "cage" on the breech end, and the sighting grid for the muzzle end.

The figure wears a rarely modeled shirt that can be painted to represent either the wool flannel OD coat style shirt for winter wear, or the similarly cut cotton khaki shirt for summer. The trousers have only one hip pocket, and that style doesn't come up in my references, which all have two hip pockets. The box art shows them painted OD green shade No 7, but you also could go with wool serge OD shade, more of a field drab. He's got a binocular case on his left front hip and a holstered .45 on his right.

Brian Stewart's sculpting is crisp and precise, but the head is curiously bland given the action of the pose. I will swap it out with some noggin that is clearly vocalizing an order.

If you have some figure conversion skills, you could fairly easily remove the bazooka (and hand) and create a more versatile positioning for the right arm.



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