U.S. Officer with Walkie Talkie
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

Brian Stewart brings some visual interest to a static figure of an officer yapping on the handie-talkie (as it was called back in the day—the walkie-talkie was the large strap-on-the-back SCR300). Portrayed on the box as a captain, this officer is a trifle unkempt, with the hem of his winter combat jacket riding up the binoculars case hanging from his web belt. He has a canvas bag strapped over his right shoulder. However, the strap emerges from under his jacket, runs down his chest to the bag, where it rises up his back and disappears under the back his collar. This gives the suggestions of a slit through which this strap passes through below the collar to the other side. This can be corrected with some judicious carving to suggest the strap going up over the top corner of the jacket and then under the front corner of the collar. (The torso, by the way, is the same as that in "American Tanker Officer #35361 only with the addition of the jacket.)

Otherwise, this is a typical offering from Warriors: nicely sculpted and cast, with little clean up required. Use this simple figure in a variety of settings.



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