U.S. General Europe 1944-45
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

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This two-star general reminds me of George C. Scott's rendition of Patton. The figure is posed as if surveying the movement of his armor through the treacherous terrain of the Ardennes. However, Patton was a three-star general at the time of the Bulge. The face does not quite capture the hawkish visage of the general, either.

The general wears a brown leather jacket typically described as a "bombardier's jacket." The woolen collar and slash pockets was different from the "flying jacket" which, while still brown leather, had a plain leather collar and external pockets with pointed flaps.
Sculptor Brian Stewart has given us a sharply designed figure. The casting was clean save for a chunk of resin in the crotch (that must hurt!). I'll take care in carving that away.

There is not much to this figure (him being a general and all). The pistol and ammo pouch are molded to the one-piece torso. The right arm includes both hands molded onto either side of the binoculars. Dry fitting showed no problem mating this piece and the left arm to the body. The head is separate from the helmet, so you can try to find a more Patton-link noggin, or shave off a star or two and make him the officer of your choice.
It's quite a good figure for its limited use. If you can swap some different arms to create a more unique pose, you might be able to find additional uses for this general.



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