U.S. 2½ Ton GMC Crew
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII
Warriors Scale Models

This three-figure set presents a couple guys in the cab of a truck and some jackass hanging from the side.

All three are wearing the M1941 combat jacket, though the paint job on the box art makes them green enough to suggest M1943 OD jackets. The driver only wears a belt and pistol, while the guy riding shotgun has web suspenders and ammo pouches for a Garand (which is not supplied).

The two seated figures have significant plugs on their butts that need to be removed.
I built the "bareback rider" and his arms do not fully span the opening of the cab as suggested in the art. You'll probably need to make some adjustments and do a little puttying to get the left arm to reach the windshield. I have not yet built the seated figures so I can't report how they'll fit, but the bottoms of the figures are sculpted to sit over the seats, so they may work with little adjustment necessary. Just make sure the driver's hand reaches the wheel.

This is an interesting set from sculptor Rendall Patton and may prove useful to modelers looking to fill the cab of a truck.



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