U.S. Tank/T.D. Crew No. 2
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

This is a companion set to Warrior's U.S. Tank/T.D. Crew No. 1 to fill out your tank or tank destroyer. What makes these figures a bit different from most other AFV crew members is that they are both full length figures, suitable for open top vehicles. By repositioning the hands or swapping out arms, you could even work these figures into non-AFV settings.

The figures are similarly attired in M1941 combat jackets over HBT coveralls, and M1 helmets, with no leggings or gaiters. No additional gear is included.

Sculpting is by the dependable Rendall Patton, and the figures are cleanly cast with minimal mold seams. The figures, if not slouching as they do, would fully stand at less than 6'.



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