U.S. Tank/T.D. Crew No. 1
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

This GI trio is suitable for most any WWII tank or tank destroyer. The two partial figures could work in just about any driver's or assistant driver's hatch, while the full-sized standing crew man-his right leg up and arm resting on his knee while he has a smoke-can be featured in, on, or near his AFV.

Looking like they're ready for colder weather, the assistant driver's head is covered with the soft winter combat helmet of wool, and a scarf around his neck, while the smoker also keeps his head warm with the winter helmet under his M1 steel pot helmet. Both men wear winter combat jackets over their HBT coveralls. The abbreviated driver wears winter combat trousers over his coveralls and shields his eyes with goggles.

Warrior's usual precise casting and minimal cleanup support Rendall Patton's fine and accurate sculpting. The dangling straps of the winter helmets are superbly executed-just be careful not to break them! The full figure scales out to less than 6' tall.

This is a good set to mix and match with other tank crews to add some variety to your armor projects.



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