U.S. Infantry with Garand
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

This figure works as a great companion piece to sculptor Rendall Patton’s “U.S. BAR Gunner ETO”.  This wary GI stands back on his right leg, his Garand ready, as if he’s heard something ominous in the distance or he’s holding some prisoners at bay (as he was featured in the out of production vignette "The Surrender" #35054).  He wears an olive drab M1943 coat, scarf, gloves and the 1943 leather gaiters, so he’s more appropriate for a chilly autumnal or winter scene rather than summer in a Normandy hedgerow. 

The sculpting is excellent and the fit of the parts is precise. He also wears a nicely crafted M1928 haversack, which doesn’t appear often with resin figures.








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