American Tanker, Summer Dress 1942-45
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

This is a very fine solo figure dressed in HBT coveralls. Don't let the "summer dress" designation fool you, though. These coveralls were worn year round, over shirts and long johns or under winter jackets and trousers. You can add a bit of scarf at the neck, or set a jacket nearby, to use him in other seasons.

Sculptor Rendall Patton's pose is a little stiff, perhaps, and might be helped by swapping a more animated head or putting something in his hands (I gave him an empty coffee mug to hold in his left hand). The sculpting is well-defined, and there are minimal seams to clean up.

This figure is no longer in Warrior's catalogue, but has been re-released by VLS' discounted Lincoln County Line. It's well worth picking up.



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