American Tanker
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

This jovial tank jockey is admiring a fine libation he's liberated from the occupiers. He's clearly dressed for winter, from the scarf around his neck to the winter combat jacket to the woolen gloves. The buckled leather gaiters are also a late fall 1944 feature.

The box art shows him holding a stogie in his right hand, but that is not included with the piece. A box does come with the set.

Peter Morton did a fine job sculpting this figure, one of the first in the Warrior's catalogue. He captures the folds of the clothing exceedingly well and the accuracy of the uniform sets the standard for those figures that followed. There is a trifling amount of flash to remove but the piece is virtually seamless. The tanker scales out to about 5'9".

This is an oldie but goodie from Warriors that should please any US army modeler.





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