U.S. Paratroops Normandy WWII
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Verlinden Productions

These are among the first resin paratroops to be offered in the 1980s, and in spite of the 1:35 label on the box, are typical 1:32 figures from VP, standing around 6'6" and carrying the Airfix weapon knock-offs.

The two wear the M1942 airborne uniform seen during the D-Day drop. The sculpting is crisp but stiff — the uniforms have a starched appearance that can be softened by carefully carving some folds near the hem of the jackets. Unlike any other paratroop figures, they have the top button of their jackets buttoned, which also lends a peculiar neatness to them.

The soldier with the Garand has a bandolier over his chest and trench knife tied to his leg. Both have the elbow and knee reinforcing patches that were sown onto many uniforms in the days before the invasion of France.

The figures come with the usual assortment of VP accessories: two M36 musette bags, grenades, two canteens, entrenching tools, pouch for the machine gun magazines, handy-talkie, and one holstered pistol.

These figures will work best with those of similar size, but can be used carefully with other paratroopers if you use correctly scaled weapons and pay attention to head and helmet sizes.



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