U.S. Soldier at Break WWII
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Royal Model

This is a versatile soldier, relaxing with a well-earned cup of Joe, or maybe something even more relaxing. The unaccredited sculptor has done an excellent job of crossing the figure's right leg over his left, a pose that other figures from Verlinden and Warriors have not captured as successfully. The feet are cast separately from the main body, as are the arms and head. The left hand is molded onto the left hip, and the fit of the arm works nicely between the hand and shoulder. The head is sculpted with an expressive face under the knit cap. The only accessories are the holstered Colt .45 that fits snugly on his chest, a canteen, an M1 helmet.

Even though he's wearing a tanker's winter combat jacket, this fellow could be posed with any type of AFV or softskin. The insignia in the box art suggests 82nd Airborne, and he could conceivably be a glider pilot or infantry.

This is an excellent figure, highly recommended for your "break time" diorama.



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