U.S. Tankers
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Mustang Productions

Mustang Productions makes its debut with a nice trio of GI tank crew men. The half figures are not necessarily a team, as evident by the one in a T-shirt while the other two look dressed for cooler weather. Indeed, the short-sleeved soldier would work nicely as either a Marine or in a Mediterranean or European summer setting. He is the only figure with a separate arm, which leans on the tank surface. He holds a microphone in his right hand.

The other two figures wear the ubiquitous winter combat jacket. One sports the M3 shoulder holster, which differed from the M7 holster by only having one strap. Tankers preferred that latter because the additional chest strap helped keep the holster close to the body and prevent it from snagging on the tank.

Dave Bighia has nicely sculpted the figures, and faces are nicely animated. But it appears there is a mold tear under the helmet of the shoulder holster figure, and a bit of extra resin on the right neck between the helmet and collar will need to be trimmed out. There are slight seams and a tad of flash that will need only a quick clean up.

Mixing these GIs in with tankers from Warriors or Verlinden will help give your crews some distinction and variety.

Product sample provided by Mustang Productions.



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