U.S. Tank Recovery Crew WWII
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Custom Dioramics

These two figures are pictured working on Sherman with a nasty hole in through the star marking on the left hull. Judging from what we know about "death traps" from Belton Cooper, being a recovery worker could be a pretty grisly job. While one soldier in herring bone coveralls and soft cap marks the side of the hull with a piece of chalk (not included), the other, wearing winter overalls and a wool knit beanie, stands peering into the commander's hatch.

The figures are nicely scaled at around 5'9". Bill Chilstrom's sculpting is good, but there are more mold seams than usual on these figures so some careful cleanup will be necessary.

CD has promoted this set as "Atten-Shun! Part 2," with the first set comprised of General Patton saluting a mechanic while his driver waits in the command car. The package names, however, make no reference to this bit of marketing. There's really no direct relation between the two sets (it's hard to believe this recovery team wouldn't also be aware of the general's presence, especially with those horns on his Dodge!) and the two sets can stand on their own.

NOTE: This set also forms the basis for Warriors' later U.S. Tanker Pair WWII.



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