Patton, Driver & Tank Mechanic
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Custom Dioramics

General George Patton was unarguably bigger than life, and sculptor Bill Chilstrom has effectively captured that fact in this set as the 6'3" officer exchanges salutes with a 5'6" tank mechanic while his driver waits in the Dodge command car. Patton wears a trench coat but quite surprisingly does not have his ever-present sidearms, whether the brace of ivory handle .45 Frontier model Colt revolvers or the .357 Magnum with the star-studded grip. As virtually every photo of Patton in the field shows him armed, this is a curious omission. Perhaps Custom Dioramics will be offering an accessory set?!

Anyway, the poses and sculpting of these figures is excellent. Patton looks smart and stiff, and it appears Chilstrom has captured the distinguishing facial characteristics of the man. The mechanic stands ramrod straight, shoulders back, holding a mallet in his hand. The driver sits behind the wheel but doesn't look like he's very relaxed.

CD has promoted this set as "Atten-Shun! Part I," with the second set comprised of a pair of recovery crewmen working on a tank, though the package names make no reference to this bit of marketing. But there's really no direct relation between the two sets (it's hard to believe the recovery team wouldn't also be aware of the general's presence, especially with those horns on his Dodge!) and they can stand on their own.

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