Battle of the Bulge
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Custom Dioramics

The poses of the three shivering figures in this set virtually mirror the now out of production trio offered by Yanks some years ago. This may not be too surprising when you realize both sets were the creation of the talented Bill Chilstrom. Standing around the fire in an old oil drum, one figure leans forward, warming his hands. Another has his arms across his chest, his hands slipped into the opposite sleeves to keep warm. Whereas the third figure in the Yanks set had his hands thrust deep into his pockets, the GI here blows on his fingers trying to keep them warm.

All three wear the long wool meltons. Two have rubber overshoes on their feet, while the third wears buckled boots. One figure has belt pouches for BAR ammo, while the others are equipped for Garand ammo. Though each figure is accessorized with canteens, entrenching tools and bandage pouches, no weapons are included with the set.

The CD figures are sharply sculpted with nice undercuts for the jackets and collars. They are a bit shorter and thinner than the Yanks yanks, standing about 5'9". Helmet size scales to the more accurate Tamiya standard.

If you're lucky enough to have the Yanks trio, this makes an excellent addition to portray the harsh circumstances GIs faced in Belgium in 1944.



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