Chow Time
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Custom Dioramics

This is a nice pair of GIs having a campsite meal of eggs and toast. One kneels in front of a fire (not included), frying a couple eggs in a pan while offering a full plate to his friend. He wears a khaki windcheater, canvas leggings and M1 helmet. In the box art his trousers are painted wool brown, but they could easily be OD fatigues. Peeking out of his back pocket is the butt of a Luger.

His friend is in herringbone ODs with one breast pocket and two large thigh pockets. He is bareheaded, crouching forward to receive the plate with one hand and holds a canteen cup in the other.

Note that the plate has a resin carrier below the delicate fork that extends over the side. I haven’t tried to remove it, but I anticipate that handle of the fork will likely break off during the operation. Curiously, the carrier wasn’t removed for the finished setting of the figures used in the box art! It’s too bad that the more common mess kit tin wasn’t used instead of a plate.  (To date there are still no mess kits available in resin or plastic). Likewise, another obvious addition would have been a canteen and empty pouch. As it’s the only other additional accessory is a holstered .45 pistol, which doesn’t appear on either of the figures as presented in the box art. Brian Stewart is the sculptor and again provides nicely detailed figures. But once again CD is resorting to the practice of cloning past figures and charging us the full fare for new ones. The crouching figure appears to be the same atop the tank in the “WWII US Tank Crew #1” set, with different arms and head. Both figures appear to be the basis for CD’s new “US Reconnaissance Team” duo, again with different arms and legs. It’s unlikely you’d mix this pair with the recon boys, but the similarity would be apparent if used with the tank crew trio.



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