Mail Call Pt. 2
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Custom Dioramics

In this set, one GI in a melton greatcoat, standing on the back of a cargo truck in the product photo, is handing down a magazine to a tanker, who already cradles a package in his arm. The tanker is wearing his crash helmet, and has his khaki windcheater zipped up close around his neck, so you know it’s chilly outside! Both figures wear the short combat boots with leather gaiters. Neither has any gear or weapons. A mailbag is included, but inexplicably there are no magazines or newspapers as supplied in “Mail Call Pt. 1.” But as my review of that product notes, the printed materials are not up to the quality found in Verlinden or DIOART products.

Sculpting is good, though it doesn’t capture the ribbed cuffs, collar and waistband of the windcheater like Verlinden or Warriors figures. Flash and seam lines are minimal and easily cleaned up. The figures measure less than 6’.

This is a good set that that, mixed with Part 1 or other figures, will create a nice “at ease” diorama.



Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © 2002—2007 Timothy S. Streeter