WW2 U.S. Tank Crew #2
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Alpine Miniatures

I give credit to sculptor Taesung Harmms for this figure. Some have criticized its pose as being too "unusual" as the fellow is hunched forward, knees bent, clearly reacting to something. I recall one person saying he looked somewhat simian. Well, we're not that much removed from our evolutionary forebears, and it just may be this fellow spies a box of bananas carried by a Panther somewhere in Germany! Anyway, he's animated, he's involved with some sort of action, and that's what sets him apart from 95% of the figures out there. And that's a good thing.

Harmms has done an excellent job replicating the one-piece herringbone twill overalls in the April 1942 pattern and the figure wears service shoes sans leggings. , meaning you can use him in just about any theater and any year of the war. He's armed with the shoulder holster and M-1911 Colt pistol. The modeler has the choice of the same head adorned with either the tanker's crash helmet or M1 steel pot.

This figure follows a pattern with Alpine, where one arm (or both) is molded in place tight to the body. That does save on casting and packaging time. And the modeler only needs to attach one head and one arm and then it's off to painting.



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