WW2 U.S. Tank Crew #1
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Alpine Miniatures

We don't have enough good men in the raincoat, synthetic resin-coated , OD, dismounted. You'd think that WWII was only fought on sunny days! Even in North Africa you see guys wearing their raincoats for warmth, if not to keep dry. So Taesung Harmms gives us one for a cold, rainy day on the front.

Underneath his coat this GI wears the herringbone twill one-piece suit special ordered up in September 1943, which had flaps over the front thigh pockets and only one breast pocket instead of two. He carries a bandage pouch and ammo pouch for a Colt pistol, but the weapon is not visible.

The figure is a simple but elegantly sculpted affair. Just decide which head you want to place on the one-piece body. I do like that herringbone cap! However, I must express a bit of disappointment that there was no undercut of the raincoat and the resulting back "wall" of resin right against the rear of the legs is going to need some attention from my Dremel to give it more proper depth. I guess I've been spoiled by DML.

I can see many uses for this guy. It would be nice to have a few more fellows clad like him (the DML Remagen set offers one) to populate a really wet setting.



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