U.S. Tank Crew in Winter #2
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Alpine Miniatures

This partial figure is leaning out of the hatch of his AFV, gloved fingers entwined around one another. Cast as one flawless piece with two separate heads, the crewman is wearing the winter combat trousers over his combat jacket, with a scarf around his neck. The crisp sculpting of Taesung Harmms captures the way jackets bunch in the back over the shoulders, especially in contrast to the straining tautness of the upper back of the combat trousers.

Again, this figure's heads-one in an M1 helmet and the other in the leather tanker's crash helmet-seem undersized in proportion to the body. I found a few Warriors heads that looked better, but many of the other spares were too large. Alpines heads are nicely sculpted and should come in handy for other smaller-sized figures, such as Tamiya's. (When mixing heads, remember that-unlike the Germans-the U.S. only had one standard size for the steel pot helmet, and I think there was only one size for the tanker's helmets as well. Keep those consistent among your figures and you'll be all right.)

There are very few available G.I. figures with gloves on, so this nice Alpine product should be quite welcome by all you guys who picked up Dragon's Battle of the Bulge Shermans this winter.

Product sample kindly provided by Alpine Models.



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