WWII U.S. Tanker with Tommy Gun
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Alpine Miniatures

I picked one of the older Alpine Miniatures figures at the Twenot 30th anniversary show. It's a bit of an exception in the series, as it comes on its own without a companion in a 'team' set.

The standard choice of heads is included. Sculpted by Taesung Harmms, he gives us the standard U.S. tanker's helmet, and a GI wearing a Yankees baseball cap. The tanker is standing om guard with a M1 Thompson. The pose is a bit stiff, and posed. But there's a photo in Tank Battles of the Pacific showing a Marine tanker in this fashion, so maybe it's based on this photograph? Pose apart, the figure itself is very good. Sculpting is fine, with a details of the uniform nicely defined. The tanker has two working gloves in his back pocket, the standard web belt on his hips, a Colt .45 in a holster plus a pouch for ammo on his right hip. The 'baseball head' is plain, but the tanker's helmet comes with the M1938 goggles.

About the only things to add might be the sling for the Tommy gun, and the wiring and plugs for the tanker's helmet. Check out www.752ndtank.com for a great article on the U.S. tank helmet.

Overall, a good figure, excellent for 'sizing' your Sherman or Stuarts.

-Martin Dogger


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