.50 Cal M2HB Mounts: One Style Does Not Fit All!
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


Here are a few additional mounts developed for specific vehicles or purposes.

Fig. 8aFig. 8b Fig. 8cFig. 8d

Fig. 8a
The D67511 and 7058824 folding pintle bracket mounts were the solution of the Aberdeen Proving Ground to the problem of the anti-aircraft weapon for the M8 Armored Car. Though supposed to replace all other interim solutions, such as the ring mounts installed on many vehicles in Europe, there is very little photographic evidence that these were actually in use before the end of WWII.

Fig. 8b
5460258 (D60528) and D94478 concentric ring mounts were complete assemblies in which the cradle was attached to a vertical support that, in turn, was attached to a ring that rotated inside a larger ring. These were used mainly on the M18 76mm Gun Motor Carriage, the M8 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage, the M7B1 105mm Motor Carriage, and the LVT(A)4 Amphibious Tractor.

Fig. 8c and 8d
7069693 cradle and pintle assembly (fig. 8c) was basically the same as 7068880, but incorporated mounting tubes for the attachment of an armored shield. It was used with shield 7069692 to form the 7069694 (M69E) shielded bracket mount (fig. 8d) which equipped the LVT-4.



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