.50 Cal M2HB Mounts: One Style Does Not Fit All!
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


Fig. 6 D69820 (6569820) CRADLE AND PINTLE ASSEMBLY
Often referred to as the early style mount for the M4, this assembly, like the later D80030 assembly, was designed to allow the gun to be positioned several inches forward of the trunnion in order to clear the hatch opening. A spring-loaded cam allowed the main bracket to be locked into two different positions, giving two ranges of elevation. It was usually fitted with the D68375 50-round ammunition box, and was originally designed for use on the M7 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage and the M4 Medium Tank.

Fig. 6aFig. 6bFig. 6c

Fig. 6a
Exploded view of the D69820 cradle assembly showing the spring-loaded cam system for selecting elevation ranges.

Fig. 6b
Picture of the D68375 ammunition box normally used with the D69820 cradle and pintle assembly. The two prongs on either side of the lid snapped onto the small bosses visible near the corners of the box itself. This was done to keep the lid from flopping up and down during movement when it was open to permit the ammunition belt to be fed into the machine gun.

Fig. 6c
Color picture showing the D69820 assembly without the ammunition box in place. The bracket to which the D68375 ammunition box was attached can be seen here.



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